Sunday QRS net

After a hiatus of a few months we are intending to restart the Sunday CW nets. Feedback from members on Twitter seems to favour moving them forward into Sunday afternoon, so the plan is to start the CW net at 1600 UTC.

The frequency will be 7020kHz or thereabouts; the exact QRG will be tweeted from @lids_cw. Listen out for ‘CQ LIDS’. Initial calls will be ~12wpm to encourage new CW operators to have a go, but please call in at whatever speed you can comfortably manage; the net will run at the speed of the slowest operator.

We look forward to hearing you on air.


  1. sm0oek

    Hi Lids

    Since the net is quite new I suggest it to be simple and not too long.
    The net control could start calling at 1600UTC at 7020KHz something like this:

    CQ CQ CQ
    LIDS QRS Net LIDS QRS Net de “abcdef ” ” abcdef” QNI QNI

    (QNI “Net stations report in” OR “I am reporting into the net”. )

    Net station that wants to join the net calls the net control.
    The net control answers and exchange signal report with caller.
    After that next station can tail or if no one calls the net control can start all over with calling CQ CQ CQ LIDS QRS Net….

    Once the the time is 1615 UTC the net controler could send a short message, like how many QNI there was and after that signing off.
    TU ALL GL and Hve Fun de “abcdef” closing LIDS QRS net AR

    73 de Jaan
    SM0OEK, Lids#009

    • Hi Jaan,

      There isn’t a lot of information out there on how to run conversational CW nets with everyone on the same frequency. It would be nice to give every station on the net an opportunity to work every other station direct (especially while the net is still small), but also important to not overload new CW operators with unfamiliar procedures when all their concentration is going into just copying everyone’s callsigns correctly.

      But having a structured sequence can help new ops too if they know what to expect and I like what you are proposing. Perhaps what we need is a page on this site that explains how the net will operate? I’ll put something together and everyone can comment on it. Like so much LIDS stuff, we are making it up as we go along…

      Tnx es 73, David G7AGI

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