Sunday QRS net

After a hiatus of a few months we are intending to restart the Sunday CW nets. Feedback from members on Twitter seems to favour moving them forward into Sunday afternoon, so the plan is to start the CW net at 1600 UTC.

The frequency will be 7020kHz or thereabouts; the exact QRG will be tweeted from @lids_cw. Listen out for ‘CQ LIDS’. Initial calls will be ~12wpm to encourage new CW operators to have a go, but please call in at whatever speed you can comfortably manage; the net will run at the speed of the slowest operator.

We look forward to hearing you on air.

Christmas competition winner

Our Christmas competition closed at midnight and the winner is (drum roll please) …. Michael G0POT.

The competition got off to a slow start and it was anyone’s to take for a long while, but Michael pulled ahead in the last couple of days to finish with 4 LIDS QSOs and wins the prize of a 600MHz frequency counter. Well done Michael, and thank you to Patrick M0ZPK for generously donating the prize!

Our thinking caps are now on for our next LIDS activity. If you’ve got ideas we would love to hear them. Comments below or on Twitter @lids_cw please.