Boring technical post

I’ve changed the webserver technology we are using for the LIDS site – I’ve moved from Apache to Nginx. Hopefully performance and stability will be increased.

The next tasks on the roadmap will be:

  • Move from Linux to FreeBSD because systemd sucks
  • Free email addresses for everybody!



Sunday evening – LIDS CW and PSK Nets

EDIT: Please note that this post has been superceded by our Sunday net update.

The inaugural LIDS CW net is scheduled for Sunday 11th May at 1800 UTC. The frequency will be 7020kHz (or thereabouts). Listen out for MW0IAN who will be calling CQ LIDS. Initial calls will be ~12wpm to encourage new CW operators to have a go, but please call in at whatever speed you can comfortably manage.

Following the CW net we will also try our first PSK31 net. Set your dial to 7040kHz and listen for G7AGI calling CQ LIDS. This is scheduled for 1900 UTC, or later if the CW net runs over. The CW and PSK nets will be announced on our @lids_cw Twitter feed when QRV.

Both nets are experimental but we hope they will be popular and the start of something regular. We will post a report  here after the event but the best way to experience it is to join in and make some tones! We look forward to hearing you on air.